Elsa Queen Nurse Baby


Play Elsa Queen Nurse Baby and help this Frozen royalty to babysit a baby today and do a good job at it! First it's time for lunch, so start peeling some potatoes, cook them in a steamer and make some mashed potatoes with salt, pepper, milk, garlic, mustard and herbs. Then feed the baby this lovely dinner and make sure to wipe her mouth after every bite. After the potatoes she needs a bottle of milk and a fresh apple for dessert. Children get bored easily when they eat, so Elsa has to play a rattle for her so she keeps her interest and doesn't start crying. Now that she is fed and happy, you can dress up the baby. Start by styling her hair, choosing a very pretty dress and some accessories including a tiara and some baby toys. Doesn't she look just like Elsa? Good luck playing this cute game!