Elsa's Snapchat Challenge


Snapchat is one of the most popular apps these days. Elsa wants to challenge her dear sister Anna and help her find all the outfits that she liked on Snapchat. Anna has received notifications from Elsa and she is ready to accept the challenge of her lovely sister in this amazing new game called Elsa's Snapchat Challenge. First, find the Snapchat icon on the phone and click on Elsa's profile to see all the outfits she adored. Make sure you hurry up and remember the outfits one by one in order to make the correct choice while shopping. The difficulty of the game will raise as you will have to remember more items in the picture and then find them all in the closet. If you get the wrong item, you will have to replay the level. Get ready for this fun fashion challenge with the Frozen sisters and enjoy playing this new game Elsa's Snapchat Challenge!