Elsa's Zombie Baby


Elsa, the Frozen queen, has a great baby girl. She loves her a lot and wants to protect her from all evil in the world. But the evil witch has different plans and has casted a spell to transform her cute baby in to a terrible zombie. Elsa is sad and desperate for a solution to undo the curse, so help her in the exclusive game called Elsa's Zombie Baby! The first step is to clean the baby with a soft tissue paper and remove the nasty goo. Use a cotton ball to clean the baby’s eyes and then apply a cream moisturizer on the cracked skin. In Elsa’s Zombie Baby to remove the nasty objects from the baby’s hair and body use the plastic tweezers. With needle and thread close the open wounds on the skin and make sure you are gentle, otherwise the baby might cry. On each wound you can apply a pink band aid, which will speed the healing and remove any possible scars. In Elsa’s Zombie Baby the skirt the baby is wearing is damaged, so use needle and thread and sew it. Use a small comb and brush the baby’s hair to untangle it. The baby is feeling better, but the skin is still green and ugly and Elsa, his beloved mother, needs to find the cure. Help her pick a powerful and magical potion and save the baby. Enjoy the very fun game called Elsa’s Zombie Baby!