Fairy Princess Gives Birth To A Baby


Our beautiful fairy princess is pregnant and she is so close to giving birth to her amazing bundle of joy! Would you like to assist this pretty princess while she get ready to have her baby? Play Fairy Princess Gives Birth To A Baby here on Enjoydressup and start by attending to the Princesses every need. Give her some chocolate and other nice treats to take care of her cravings and then assist her on the delivery by taking her vitals and making sure that she is in top health. Once she has delivered her baby, take care of the little one, too! Dress her up in a beautiful dress to match that of her mother’s and then choose a really cute and colorful hairstyle for her. Of course, she will need some fairy-like accessories and toys so help her with that, too! Have fun playing this game on Enjoydressup and find more super fun games like this one here on our website!