Fashion College Diary


Play this new game called Fashion College Diary to help Miraculous Ladybug look great and stylish at school! She is a superhero but she also has a normal life, goes to school and no one knows that she is Ladybug, the awesome hero. Not even her crush, Cat Noir. He is her best friend but he doesn't seems to notice her in any other way. Maybe if you help Ladybug look fashionable in a new and pretty outfit, her crush would ask her out. So Ladybug will create her fashion diary and you need to help her out. First she will change her outfit and you need to find the cutest dotted outfit for her. Next she wants to change her hairstyle and add a bit of color to it, such as purple. Make sure to accessorize her new look as well and make her look fabulous! Have fun playing Fashion College Diary!