Father's Day Gift


Cute Alice is so excited to start creating a special gift for her father. This Father's Day Gift must be special and Alice wants to create it herself, instead of buying something. She decided to design a very special tie for her father but Alice needs your help. You must help this cue girl choose the model of the tie, a tie node model and then you need to paint the fabric. Choose a nice color and take the brush. Make sure to paint every single spot and you could add patterns on the fabric as well. The ties can be decorated with different shape and colors of stones, and then you can pick a tie pin. I'll give you a hint, Alice's father loves dark colors, but he also like superheroes, and I've seen a special superhero themed pin that he would like. Once the special tie is done, help Alice pick a nice gift box and find a matching shirt for his father. Have fun playing this game called Father's Day Gift!