Front Cover Magazine

Do you like fashion magazines? Don't you think that everything is so perfect and so fabulous? From fashion tendencies to good food, a great magazine could cover a lot of topics. Advice about room decor, mixing and matching colors, makeup tricks or hairdos 101, everything is covered. Won't be great is you would be an editor at such a fabulous magazine? Imagine something greater: your are a top model and you were asked to be in front page of this magazine. And an interview of course. They could ask you what is your prefer fashion magazine or what are your fashion preferences? They have chosen you because they know that a front magazine cover makes the magazine get sold. Being it’s editor can be sometimes a challenge. But you finally manage to find the perfect chick to be the cover girl. You are the cute girl that gets to be a star model. Let your great fashion sense be seen in this cover magazine look. dress up really glamorous, put on some fancy makeup and give yourself a Front Cover Magazine bright makeover. Perfect! You rock! Have fun at the photo shoot! Enjoy!