Frozen Anna Baby Lessons


Anna is Elsa’s sister and, just like her, she is such a beautiful and kind princess! She is willing to do anything for those she loves and she is always ready to help those who need her. Now, she has offered to babysit for her best friend. Play Baby Lessons With Anna here on Enjoydressup and be Anna’s help! She will have to do homework with this cute kid so help them do a very good job with that! First, do a little painting. Choose the image that you want to paint and then have fun by coloring it. Add as many colors as you want and make the painting really stand out. Origami is also part of the homework so help Anna and the baby so some origami. Fold the paper and watch the amazing shapes that come out of it. Homework has never been more fun than when you do it with Anna. Have fun with this super cool game and play more on Enjoydressup!