Fynsy's Dreamy Cake


Decorate Fynsy's Dreamy Cake and help him impress everyone with a spectacular dessert! Start by choosing the shape of the three tiered cake and you can go wild with the shapes, which don't have to be regular at all. You can make them round, square, asymmetric or even in shape of a castle. Then decide on the flavors and frosting. You can make it a rainbow cake, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or red velvet. Then you can paint some elegant decorations around it. Add some dripping toppings, sugar ruffles and waffles for the top. Then place pieces of fruits, nuts or mints all around it. You also have whipped cream, candy pops, lollipops, gummy bears, animal figurines, candles and all sorts of other fun decorations you can use for this cake. Have fun!