Ghoulia Yelps

On this very day I am going to introduce you an actual zombie. C'mon! Don't be afraid! Meet Ghoulia Yelps, a darling zombie from Monster High. She is the smartest of all monsteristas, although she is really shy, but the arrogant princess Cleo has got it covered. Ghoulia is really sweet once you get to know her and her pet is adorable baby blue colored owl named Sir Hoots A Lot. However, he refuses to be Ghoulia's delivery owl. Everybody is aware that Ghoulia is the smartest girl at Monster High, even if they have a hard time to understand what she says because she only speaks 'Zombie', a language consisting only of groans and moans. To show how much they care about her, all of her friends took 'Zombie 101' in school so they could understand her better. Ghoulia is really pretty. She has light blue hair and pale gray skin. You can see that she is a bookworm and an intellectual because Ghoulia Yelps' appearance is very studious and she wears cat-eye, horn-rimmed 'nerd' glasses. And she is funny too! Because of her zombie heritage she has trouble with facial expressions and tends to slouch and stand in awkward positions, but she doesn't show that she is emberrassed because she is fighting her shyness. So, here is Ghoulia and she is getting ready for the New Year's Eve party at Monster High but all she knows to wear are nerdy outfits. Why won't you try to give her a makeover from head to toe, starting with coloring her highlights and the coiffure and ending with choosing a sparkling gown and the accessories. Enjoy this hairstyle game!