Halloween Spooky Pancakes


Hey girls! Since Halloween is almost here I'm sure that you are busy finding the perfect costume. Beside this, if you would like a spooky makeup you need to start working on it to find the perfect one. But you also need to think about treats and we have the perfect idea for you. This year's trendy Halloween treat are the Halloween Spooky Pancakes! Now start playing this game to learn how to make them. First you need to go and buy the needed ingredients. Then you have to go to the kitchen. Now fallow the instructions to mix the ingredients in the right way. Then you have to bake the pancakes and when you are done it's time to decorate them. Choose a spooky plate, use a green or purple topping cream, add a spider web or witch hat decoration and prepare a drink. Have fun playing this new Halloween Spooky Pancakes game!