Hanging Out 6

I like hanging out with my bffs, we come up with all sorts of ideas of things to do or to talk about. This weekend is hanging out time again and that means fun and more fun. Me and my bffs are hanging out downtown, at the mall and Saturday night we wanna hit the dance floor of our favorite club with our grooving moves. come and hang out with us and you are guaranteed a great time, girls! I am a punk emo girl and I like wearing funky punk emo rock outfits, like studded overtops, funky printed and colorful tops, funky accessories and cool trendy hairstyles. Hang out with me and my bffs, dress me up in funky chic outfits and hairdos, do my make up and tell me if you like my funky fashion style. You can even try on my clothes, accessories and make up! Enjoy Hanging out 6 dress up and make up game!