Hermione Granger

Hey, girls! I bet all of you know who Hermione Granger is or at least have heard about her! Hermione is one of the leading characters in the Harry Potter movies and she is played by famous actress Emma Watson. So Harry Potter fans and Hermione fans will be very happy playing this game as you will have the once in a life time chance to dress up Hermione in all sorts of clothing items, either elegant or casual depending on the ocassion and to accessorise her. Dress Hermione for the red carpet so that she can collect the award for best actress in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (check out our article about the last Harry Potter movie, by the way!) or for a day out shopping with her girl friends. You have exclusive access to her personal wardrobe. Isn't that awesome, girls! Check out the amazing red carpet designer dresses, designer heels and jewelry, but have a look at her other clothing items, more casual, like tops, tshirts, skirts and jeans. Impress Hermione with your fashion skills and create gorgeous red carpet and casual outfits for the Harry Potter star. She is looking to change her hair style so give her your expert hair dresser advice and don't forget the designer jewelries and the designer chic high-heeled shoes. Enjoy!