Ice Babies: Elsa X Abbey


The lovely babies of Elsa and Abbey need your full attention because their mothers went shopping in town. These cute ice babies are ready to take naps, feel cozy and play all day long. So make sure you take good care of them in the wonderful game Ice Babies: Elsa X Abbey! Start the day care with baby girl Elsa, who wants to play for now. Her favorite dress is the one her mother Elsa made for her: a royal blue one. Dress her up and keep her happy all the time, until her mother returns. She was born in a royal family where ice is a special power, so her favorite dessert is ice cream. You can find an ice cream maker in her room so prepare a pink one for this cute baby girl. Even if it is not winter, she will be very happy if you could make a snowman for her. Give baby Abbey the same treatment and the babies will be very happy. Have a great time playing Ice Babies: Elsa X Abbey!