Ice Queen Art Deco Couture


The gorgeous ice queen Elsa loves keeping up with fashion and just the other day, she discovered the glamourous art deco couture. Since she's getting ready for a ball, she might as well explore this style and come up with an amazing outfit. In this new game called Elsa Art Deco Couture you can discover this amazing style together with Elsa, and you can help her get ready for the ball. This is an important event so she needs to look flawless. First you need to create her makeup and you have a whole makeup kit at your disposal. Next, you need to pick a hairstyle for her and make sure the hairdo fits in the chosen art deco style. She also needs a beautiful gown and you will have to pick the perfect one for her. She needs to look stylish and chic, Have a really great time getting Elsa ready for the ball in this new game called Elsa Art Deco Couture!