It's Clean Up Time

Lucy's mom won't be happy at all to find such chaos in her house, now, that Lucy's friends have just left, but forgot to help her clean up the mess they've made, too. Be Lucy's magical godmother and do your hocus pocus to help her clean up her messy house in just a few minutes, with just a fee simple magic clicks, playing the It's Clean up Time game! Only a maid gifted with some sort of super powers could clean up the living room in such a short time left till mommy comes come! Well, you're the superhero in this clean up time game who, with a few quick mouse clicks will get to pick up all the food leftovers and place them in the dustbin, who'll get to place all those toys scattered everywhere on the floor into the toy box and the list can go on. Next, it's clean up time in Lucy's lovely bedroom, too! Her dresses and shoes might be so very girly chic and in the latest fashion trends, but they should definitely not be left there, on the floor, instead they should be nicely arranged in the closet, each one on its hanger. Don't forget to step into her messy kitchen, too, while playing the It's clean up time game, and make sure that all the dishes get sparkly clean in no time and that all the left overs from the fun lunch Lucy and her best friend have just enjoyed, will be dropped into the dustbin. Voila! You've officially Lucy's superhero now! Have fun playing It's Clean Up Time management game!