Jessie's Halloween Pumpkin Carving


Are you ready for Halloween? If you chose to play this game called Jessie's Halloween Pumpkin Craving you must be looking forward to celebrate it right? And to get in the Halloween spirit, what's more fun than craving a spooky Jack O' Lantern pumpkin? In this game you are going to help Jessie to crave and decorate the spookiest or why not cutest pumpkin. First you need to give her a pen so she can draw the lines, next you must take the knife and cut a mouth and eyes. Remove the top of the pumpkin using the cutter and use a spoon to take out the inside and make a big hole in the pumpkin. It starts to look good right? All that's left to do, is to place a candle inside and put back the top part. Have fun playing this new Jessie's Halloween Pumpkin Craving game!