Jungle Love Story

You can fall in love anytime and any place, whether it is at school, on a school trip, at the seaside, in the mountains, playing with friends or walking in hte park. The jungle makes no difference as love seems to be in the air in the jungle as well. An adventurous trip in the jungle turned into a romantic love story for our jungle girl and a boy. But she does not want the others to find out about their love as she wants to be a secret love and because she is timid as well. She intends to place a secret kiss on the adventure boy, making sure not to get caught. Help the jungle girl choose the safest wayout so she can meet the boy. Once she found a safe place, hold the button so that she can kiss the boy without being seen by the others. If they get caught by the others you have to choose a wayout of escape for the jungle girl. Kissing can be very romantic and adventurous in the jungle and stealing a kiss in secret from the boy you like is a real art, so show us your kissing skills and don't let yourself be caught. Live an entertaining and funny jungle love story with lots of secret kisses. Have fun!