Kaylee's Frutylicious Cupcakes

Kaylee is a fashionable girly girl and her hobbies are fashion and cooking. She likes spending her spare time going shopping at the mall and cooking new and super delicious recipes in her trendy kitchen. Kaylee has just come back from a shopping spree and she is very happy that she bought super chic and stylish clothes and accessories, so she wants to celebrate this exiting shopping victory with yummy frutylicius cupcakes. Welcome to Kaylee's Frutylicious Cupcakes cooking game and learn how to make stylishly delicious cupcakes with healthy fruits and ingredients. First you must help the beautiful and fashionable girl purchase all the ingredients necessary to make Kaylee's Frutylicious Cupcakes, so accompany her for a quick shopping spree at the supermarket and fill the trolley with all the ingredients needed. Kaylee will appreciate your helping hand, as it is not very easy to find all that she needs for cooking Kaylee's Frutylicious Cupcakes in the big and full of shelves food store. The sooner you find the lemons, oranges, bananas, eggs, flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, baking powder, cream cheese, cream topping, sprinkles and the rest of the ingredients, the sooner she can start cooking her dessert. So find the ingredients as fast as you can, making sure they are the right ones, and then get ready to cook a great dessert recipe. Kaylee will show you all the steps in making Kaylee's Frutylicious Cupcakes, so all you have to do is to follow her fun cooking instructions and you will have your fruitylicious and mouth-watering dessert ready in no time. Enjoy Kaylee's Fruitylicious Cupcakes cooking game!