Ladybug And Elsa Pregnant Wardrobe


Elsa and her friend Ladybug are both pregnant and they are about to have their babies almost at the same time. Since their pregnancy is well advanced now, the superhero and the princess need to reorganize their wardrobe and make more room for their new pregnant outfits. Play this new game called Ladybug And Elsa Pregnant Wardrobe to help the soon to be mommies organize their closet. First let's take everything out, the sort the clothes, shoes and accessories. Next, you will have to arrange the new dresses in the wardrobe, do the same with the shoes and the accessories. The girls have a few outfits which don't fit them anymore, so you will have to put them aside in the basket to make more room for their pregnant dresses. Once the wardrobe is nice and organized, it's time to help the girls dress up for a relaxing and well deserved day at the spa. Have fun playing Ladybug And Elsa Pregnant Wardrobe!