Lisa Cat

Meet Lisa, she is a very cute cat girl who can't wait for you to dress her up in this lovely cat girl dress up game. She is a cheeky girl, so she expects you to dress her accordingly, so wait no more and start the game. Lisa the cat girl is not a too tidy person, so you will find her clothes scattered all around, and you will have to look for each piece in part so that you get the right combinations to please this cat girl that won't bite, but might scratch. Find numerous dresses, pullovers, shirts, sexy tops, socks, or pants. Try each of these and see what style you could give to this cat girl dress up session. You will be able to find all sorts of ribbons, accessories and corsets, shirts with a unique style or tops featuring skulls or different other designs. Lisa is sure to keep her closet filled with surprises, so make sure you discover these all and add value to Lisa's outfits by using complimentary tops with the most suitable pants.