Little Friend 2


Dressing up with your best friend for a fun day out is super fun! You do everything together as it is so it is only natural to dress up together and even coordinate your outfits for a fun day or night out. In this super fun game called Little Friend 2, you will have the opportunity to style two best friends for a stylish day out! Combining both a makeup and a dressup game, Little Friend 2 will surely become yours and your best friend’s game! Start with the makeup part and choose lovely, bright colors for the eyeshadow, the cheeks and the lips. Add some lenses for the full effect! Move on to the dressup part. Start with the hairstyle and go bold too by choosing pink or blue. Choose a stylish, fashionable outfit and accessorize it to perfection. Add shoes and a bag and the look will be finished. Do the same for her best friend and watch as the girls become the most fashionable duo. Have fun!