Magical Girl


Hey girls! Would you like to live in a magical world, where everything is sweet and wonderful? I am sure you would and that's why we decided to bring to you this exciting game called Magical Girl! Here you can meet the beautiful girl Alexis, who has magical and mystical powers, which make her very special. She loves fashion and she decided to change her look and try new hairstyle and outfits. Can you help her with fashion advice? Don't waste time and pick a new hairstyle for her, which can be a gorgeous loose curls hair do in a new hair color, which could be light green. In Magical Girl you can also choose earrings and necklace, which can have lots of gems and glitzy details. Pick a new staff too and a gorgeous pair of shoes. The dress can be a super cute purple one with pink ruffles. Enjoy the Magical Girl game!