Mama's Pizza Truck


Silvia's mom owns a pizza truck which needs some serious reparation. While her mom in at a pizza truck convention Silvia has a great idea. She could run the business in her mother's absence and gain a few tips to repair the truck. In this Mama's Pizza Truck game you could be her assistant and help her run the business. You need to take the customer's orders and bake the pizza. While one customer would like a pizza with mushroom topping, the other would like it with ham. You need to keep in mind what the customer wants and bake them a delicious pizza. If they like it they will tip, if not, Silvia not only that she won't get tips, but she will lose her mother's daily customers. It sounds like you have a lot of work to do, so let’s start baking! Have fun playing this new Mama's Pizza Truck game!