Monster High Rebecca Steam

All you girls know the Monster High ghoul girls, but have you heard of Monster High Rebecca Steam? Rebecca Steam is another fashion diva from the famous Monster High school, she is a 116 years old robot girl and the daughter of a mad scientist who seems not to be alive any more. Her fashion style is steam punk and quite cutting-edge. Her pet is a mechanical penguin by the name of Captain Penny, her favorite color is copper and her bffs are Franke Stein and Rochelle Goyle. Rebecca delights herself in using her rocket boots to do stunts and tricks that make the other monsters stop what they are doing to watch her. She doesn't wear those boots all the time, she has other fashionable high heeled boots and shoes that she fancies a lot, as well as chic and colorful dresses, tops and bottoms that she likes wearing. Check out Rebecca's colorful and stylish wardrobe and style her up with lots of outfits for her to wear at or outside her high school. Don't forget to try our new make up game: Clawdeen Wolf's Howlin' Makeover! Enjoy!