My Perfect Bedroom


Design your bedroom just the way you like it in this new and exciting game called My Perfect Bedroom! Design your perfect bedroom starting with the wallpaper. Choose something that inspires you and makes you feel at home and design your whole bedroom around it! The next step is to pick a window, some ornaments for your walls and some pretty flowers. Pick a cute carped to match the walls and the drapes and that makes your room look spacious. Next, you'll have to pick a desk where you will do you're make-up and a closet for all your cute clothes. Choose the perfect bed for you and the perfect pillow for the bed. You can also pick a small desk besides your bed. Finish your bedroom design with a stylish armchair in the corner of the room. Now your bedroom is all set and cute and ready for your girlfriends to come and see it. Tell them how you made it this cute, so they will have one just like you!