Nibbler Love

Oh my Gosh! They're so cute! Check out these lovely bunny furs! They're obviously in love and the best day for being in love is almost here, Valentine's Day in case you had doubts! Now, the two nibblers have to dress up for their date and impress each other as in the end everything will be sealed with a sweet kiss. You can switch between the boy and the girl and dress them separately. You can change the color of their fur and add all sorts of accessories. Let me tell you what I did, this just to have a little bit of extra fun. I dressed the girl with a lovely printed dress, changed her eyes to some pink and then I dressed the boy in dark grey spots, the fur a bit grey and added a very funny sailor hat. They look so lovely together, don't they girls! Now it's your turn, have some fun girls and try out your imaginative ideas, dressing the cute bunnies in lovely furrs, clothes and accessories, so that they can nibble their food and show their furr love without any fashion worries on such a great day as Valentine's Day! Have fun!