Outing With My Puppy


Cute girl Emma loves pets, especially dogs. She is very excited when she goes on a walk with them, because they are very cute and lovely and they love the park, just as much as she does. Today, she wants to have fun, because it’s a great summer day, warm and sunny. Help her prep the pet for a nice day out in the game called Outing With My Puppy! Start by washing the fur with a pet shampoo, then rinse the lather with warm water. Dry the fur, otherwise the pet might get a cold. Before the day out, it’s a good idea to feed the pet a nice big meal. In Outing With My Puppy you can then choose a great outfit for the dog. Try a cute little hear with a pink color and cute geometrical pattern. Add a puppy outfit for the cute dog and then choose a fancy hair do and stylish outfit for little Emma. Enjoy Outing With My Puppy!