Palace Pets Rapunzel


Rapunzel, the beautiful princess has a nice pet. She loves her deer a lot, because it's both friendly and cute. She knows she can trust her pet at all time and she adores it and pampers it. Start the game called Palace Pets Rapunzel and take care of the pet called Pumpkin. You will need to give it a shower, so start by taking the pet in the bathroom. Use the tweezers to remove a few pieces of splinters and then with a big brush remove all the pebbles from the body. Take the bow from the tail and place it in the laundry bag. In Palace Pets Rapunzel you will also need to use water and soap to wash the pet and then rinse the lather with care. To dry the pet named Pumpkin you can use a soft towel and then cure her injuries with a special spray. Enjoy the game called Palace Pets Rapunzel!