Perfect Winter Look


Cute Amy has is getting ready to go out and have some fun with her friends. They are going to go skating in the park and her crush is going to be there, so Amy needs to look perfect. But today she is having a bad hair day and on top of this, her face looks worse than ever. She can't go out like this unless you help her. Play this new Perfect Winter Look game and give her a facial beauty treatment. When you are done, you can create a fabulous makeup and then you can give her a new hairdo. Amy needs to impress her crush and you must chose a chic outfit from her wardrobe. You need to create the perfect winter look but don't worry, because Amy has so many cute outfits. Choose a nice dress or a skirt matched with a winter sweater and a coat. Complete her look with accessories such as a cute scarf, shiny jewels and gloves. Have fun playing this new game called Perfect Winter Look!