Pet Salon Care


Emma has opened a great pet salon and she loves her new business. She wants to take care of the cutest pets and pamper them with care and love. This is both her hobby and her job and she loves it. In the very fun game called Pet Salon Care you can take care of the client’s pets: two dogs and the cutest kitten. The puppy needs a good wash, so bathe her. Place the pet in the bath tub and turn on the water. Wash the pet with water and a scented pet soap and then rinse the lather. Dry the pet with care and make sure the fur is untangled by using a special pet brush. To keep the pet entertained you can give it a nice snack during the bath. In Pet Salon Care you can now move on to the next animal, which is the cute cat. Wash its paws and cut the long nails with nail clippers. Make sure the kitten is healthy and cheerful and enjoy the game called Pet Salon Care!