Photographer In Training

One of my favorite activities during all seasons, no matter if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, is to take photographs and to walk all day long hunting for the perfect scenery, setting or shot and grab it forever with my camera. It seems this lovely girl has the same passion for photography as I have and she also likes one other important thing: dressing up in a fashionable way, following the latest fashion trends. This is how she was accepted to appear in this dress up game for girls. What I did first in this game was to change the clothes several times until I got the right stuff for her. She was a bit picky at first but totally left herself in my hands to do what I please with the style. The outcome was great and she was thrilled to be able to go out for a photo session in the sun with a very cool outfit. Now girls you have to do the same. It's your turn now to dress the pretty photographer in training in all the clothes and accessories you will see in the wardrobe, made specially for the cute photographer. Create lots of outfits that she can wear on her photo shot spree and while she trains to be a great photographer, you will train to be a great fashion stylist. Isn't that amazing, girls! Have fun!