Pirate and Mermaid Wedding

This handsome pirate has fallen deeply in love with this gorgeous mermaid and now they are having their wedding. Because the power of their love is so strong, the pirate became a merman in order to be with his beautiful mermaid and live together in the depths of the ocean. Their wedding is going to be a spectacular one, as they are getting married in the ocean, with lots of guests from both worlds. Help the pirate and the mermaid get ready for their wedding, dressing them in fabulous wedding outfits. Dress both the bride and the groom in mermaid and merman style wedding attires, so that they can unite their lives forever and live happily ever after in the ocean. Become their wedding stylist and design the most fantastic wedding outfits ever seen in their world, stunning all the guests with your creations. Who knows, they might invite you again at another of their fab weddings, girls! Enjoy Pirate and Mermaid Wedding dress up game!