Polka Dot Party 2

Polka dotted prints are always in fashion and they show a very classy and refined fashion taste, being quite vintage as well. Let's have a polka dot party, shall we girls, and see if this classy and vintage style suits you! Your polka dot wardrobe is ready for the party, all you have to do is to have a look at all the dotted tops, bottoms, dresses and purses. Which ones would you wear for your polka dot party? Create lots of possible dotted outfits that you would dress your guests with and find a chic and classy one for you to wear. Try the polka dotted style on the pretty top model and see if you fance the outfits that you have her wear. Learn to be chic and stylish in a classical 60s vintage style, updated for the modern times that we live in. Enjoy Polka Dot Party 2 dress up game!