Pouty Pixie


Have fun playing this dressup game Pouty Pixie and help this fairy get a funky new fashion look! Being a fairy requires a lot of work and trying to help people around. It can be exhausting so occasionally one can get pouty. But when it comes to dressup, it gives you a happy mood and that can be confirmed by us girls. Play this amazing game called Pouty Pixie on our website and help this lovely fairy get a new look by dressing up in a fashionable way. Fairies usually dress in pastel colors so it can get boring sometimes. Help this girl try a different look with a funky touch. Try out fun colors for the hair such as dark blue, pink or purple and get a new hairstyle. Then go for a dress with mesh applications, a ripped model or a dress with a corset that will definitely look amazing. Enjoy!