Powerpuff Bubbles

One of the Powerpuff sisters, Bubbles, is going on an important and adventurous mission and she needs a new outfit for this mission to be successful. Bubbles is going undercover so that her evil enemies will not recognise her and she needs a complete change of look from head to toes to be unrecognisible as she needs to infiltrate and observe her targets from close by. Help Powerpuff Bubbles get a new look and find her different outfits to hide her real image and become someone else, so that the enemy will not notice her when the time comes for Bubbles to fulfill her fantastic mission. You have lots of disguise clothing items and accessories to make Bubbles unrecognisable. Change her hair color, change her clothes and shoes to create the most unrecognisable Bubbles ever seen so far. You can even change the color of her eyes, using cutely colored eye lenses. Make the disguise complete with a pair of sunglasses and a hat for a total makeover. Bubbles likes to wear jewelries, especially pretty necklaces and chains, so you cannot miss this accessory from her outfit. Have fun creating lovely outfits for Bubbles!