Princess Elsa In The Night Club


Princess Elsa is all grown up now. She recently turned 21 so she is ready to experiment what it’s like to go to a nightclub. Of course, since it is her first time going to a nightclub she wants to make sure that she will look good but she doesn’t know what to wear. Would you like to help her create an outfit appropriate for a night of clubbing? If you want to give Elsa a helping hand then play Princess Elsa In The Night Club here on Enjoydressup and start by choosing the right dress for a night of fun. Chosse a cute bra for her to wear underneath, accessorize the dress with a fashionable bag and sparkling accessories and don’t forget to add a nice pair of high heels! Now Elsa is ready for fun! Once she is at the club choose a drink for her and then help her find a partner to dance with. Have fun!