Princess Vs Villain Tug-Of-War


The villains can be so competitive, and they always try to find new ways to annoy the cute Disney Princesses. Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella are joining their forces to show their supremacy once again, but the Disney Princesses are determined to win and teach the villains a lesson once and for all. Now the princesses and villains made peace from quite some time, but they still like to challenge one another, so in this Princess Vs Villain Tug-Of-War the Ariel, Elsa and Cinderella are going to compete against the three villains. Everyone is going to be there and see who will be the winner, so the girls need to look great and you must create their outfits. You can also give help to the princesses to win this Tug-Of-War contest. Don't let them down and help fun playing Princess Vs Villain Tug-Of-War!