Princesses On Catwalk


Elsa and Anna, the beautiful Frozen sisters, get along really well but the inevitable sibling rivalry shows off from time to time, especially when the girls try to decide who is the biggest fashionista out of the two. They both love fashion and they take any opportunity to show off their amazing style, so when they found out about an amazing catwalk competition taking place they both decided to participate. Lucky for them, they both got to the final of the competition so now they must do their best to win. Would you like to help the girls prep up? Play Princesses On Catwalk here on our website and start by styling Anna. Pick a glamorous dress and then go ahead and browse through the accessories to find your favorite ones. Add a purse and heels and when she’s all dolled up dress up Elsa too. See who ends up winning and have fun playing Princesses On Catwalk!