Princesses Tea Afternoon


Spend your day with the married Disney princesses and their babies at Elsa's tea shop in this Princesses Tea Afternoon game! Yes in this game life is taking it's natural course even if you are a princess. They get married and they have babies. They won't be young forever and in time they get more responsibilities and duties. In this game Elsa decided to open a tea shop for the princesses. Each day, the girls meet up for a team and they talk about their daily lives and their families. Rapunzel is about to give birth of her first baby while Cinderella is having a few months old daughter. They are Elsa's regular clients. In this game you have to help Elsa get ready for opening the shop, you must pick an outfit for her and you must also help her decorate the shop, arrange the sweets, the tables and start preparing the natural teas. Have fun playing Princesses Tea Afternoon!