Prom Couple

Girls, you have to admit that for us, the teens, the prom is like the Oscars Night. So, like the cinema gorgeous divas, we all have to look astonishing on the red carpet. The Prom Couple dress up game will give you some incredible suggestions of the fabulous outfits for you for get dressed up in on your prom night. You have a very hot couple of teens to dress up for their big event. It's the prom night, so all the clothes have that glamour, bright look, with lots of glass pearls, sparkling sequins. The dresses are all of bright colors, either long mermaid spectacular dresses or baby doll like ones, shear pink or snow white. Another glamorous aspect are the jewelry, sparkling diamond ear rings, gorgeous breath taking necklaces, either short, discreet or long, elegantly sparkling on your décolletage. Prom fashion is all about outstanding night dresses, it's all about glamour and brightness, so you have the freedom to dress up for the prom choosing the most outstanding night dresses. Let's dress up this girl with a sexy, short dress, all glowing with sparkling yellow sequins. The shoes we can choose look as if they also are some precious jewelry covering the feet. When playing Prom Couple dress up game you have all the fabulous fashion items at you disposal to create the hottest and at the some time very precious outfit for this young girl's prom night. Have fun!