Prom Diva Makeover

Prom Night? is the magical time when you celebrate not only your nicest years, but also your closest friends! Thinking that times will never change and that tracks will go along, but then the big jobs come and lives actually move on! So tonight's the night that brings it all together and makes it shine timeless and forever! Make sure you'll be up to the challenge and sparkle the whole night through and no one will ever forget you. It? is time to be a true prom? diva! Get a prom diva makeover and be glamorous for your prom night. Prepare your face for make up, giving yourselves a beauty treatment with lots of creams and face masks. Then learn how to get a fab prom make up with trendy make up tools and colors and, last but not least, choose your prom dress and jewelry carefully to get that prom diva glamorous look. Enjoy Prom Diva Makeover make up game!