Punk Rock Makeup


Punk Rock music has inspired fashion for years. The music genre is so energetic and the punk rock culture is so vibrant so no wonder the punk rock fashion has translated into a lot of aspects of fashion and trends. For this brand new game called Punk Rock Makeup, you will have the amazing opportunity to create a completely original and amazing makeup inspired by the punk rock culture. This two stage game will surely give you some inspiration for your own makeup so come on and play it. Start by taking care of her complexion. Pluck her eyebrows and then take care of her chapped lips by applying moisturizer. Next, take care of her dark circles and finally, apply a face mask to eliminate any imperfection. Foundation is next and a little contouring will give her face a fresh, amazing look. Next, move on to the second stage, the makeup. Start with the eyebrows and give them a cute, bold color. Next, apply some eyeshadow. You can even add two eyeshadow designs to create a dramatic look. Apply some eyeliner and complete the look with colorful, unique mascara. Add blush and lipstick and complete the punk rock makeup. Enjoy this amazing game and have fun!