Purrsephone and Meowlody

The werecat twins, Purrsephone (black) and Meowlody (white), are new characters in the Monster High webisodes. The evil teins help Toralei in her bad plans. They are twin sisters and Toralei's best friends. One of them has black hair, while the other has white. Although they might look the same, there are some differences. They both have the same black-and-white striped braid, but one has it on her left, and the other on her right. Both have grey and white fur, the same facial markings and white tiger stripes. From their first appearance, they seemed to play the role of minions to Toralei, being as scheming and cruel as she can be so they pair up really nicely. They are so mean that sometimes, they go along with another's plans without considering the consequences, or perhaps not even caring. Like Toralei, they live life on the edge, but they also take time to enjoy the simpler pleasures. They also hate when they are treated like they don't have a mind of their own, whether they're being compared to each other, or as lackeys to another monster. There are some new bad kitties in the town and they aren't purring but scheming. Enjoy this dress up game!