Rainbow Dash Pony Vs Human


Girls, the great Rainbow Dash has a female version and a pony version. The face-off will start today and you need to choose the best look for each to increase their chances of winning the bug prize. Can you use all your skills in this great makeover? In Rainbow Dash Pony Vs Human you need to start by creating the best pony look. You will need to choose a cute color for the skin such as blue or yellow. A nice shade for the eyes is a great emerald green, and for the mane a cute purple. Choose a curly style for both the mane and the tail. You can add a cute pair of angel wings and a nice tattoo. In Rainbow Dash Pony Vs Human it’s time to create the female version. Choose a pink color for the skin, cute purple eyes and a great outfit with a nice rainbow styled blouse. Enjoy the game called Rainbow Dash Pony Vs Human!