Ranch Cleanup

Believe it not, but all the sweet looking animals at this ranch are counting on you! They're sure that you'll pay them a visit in the countryside, to clean up their corral, turning it into their sparkly clean home again. Mind you don't disappoint all those quadruped cuties, living at the farm, and get the ranch clean up game started, for you sure have a lot of work to do there and plenty of fun time to spend with your new animal friends! Oh, look at those cute cows that you get to meet the instant you get this fun clean up game started! They definitely need someone to help them get inside their corral again, a reliable friend gifted with some farming skills, too, to collect all the hay scattered everywhere, there, around the farm, someone to pick up the milk-filled bowls and place them on the on-screen table there and so on. It's not just the cute looking cows that will be so grateful to you for cleaning up their home while playing the ranch clean up game. I'm talking here about the sweet horses and the lovely goats, too, who're waiting in line for you to guide them to their corrals and stables and put all their favorite yummy hay into big heaps and the list can go on. So, what do you say, are you the skillful farmer and great friend they're all expecting for? If it's a yes, then have tones of fun enjoying the ranch clean up game! Enjoy playing the ranch clean up game and use your skills for turning this farm into the coziest and neatest home for all the animals there!