Real Life Barbie Challenge


Play this game to complete a Real Life Barbie Challenge and help a model look like a real Barbie doll by designing her outfit! In this game you are going to work with Roxy and you have the option of choosing an adviser and get guided, or to give Roxy a makeover all by yourself. The goal is to make Roxy like a real life Barbie and firstly you need to design her outfit. Choose a fabric and make sure you pick the right one, then design the top sleeves and bottom of the dress. Next you will have to create her makeup and then her hairstyle. Make sure to choose a hairdo which resembles to a Barbie;s hairstyle and color her hair too. At the end a group of experts are going to judge your work and if you did great, you will earn money to buy better fabrics for your next design. Have fun playing this new Real Life Barbie Challenge game!