Rio Fashion Show

This is your great chance, gils, to attend the Rio Fashion Show taking place this weekend in Rio together with this pretty fashionista girl. She has just received the invitation for the famous fashion show and she has room for one more person on the invitation list, so she wants you to go with her, knowing how much you like fashion, watching the fashion shows and especially attending one. So this is your chance to see a real Rio Fashion Show. There is little time left for packing the bags and getting dressed and this girl needs your help to choose some super fashionable and Rio-styled outfits for her to wear at the show. She lets you try on her the outfits that you would like to wear, if you had all these amazing and colorful clothes. Dress the girl in lots of combinations of clothing items that she has in her Rio wardrobe, decide which ones she will take with her to wear at the show and find your own fashionable and trendy outfits for you to wear as well. You will find lots of elegant and chic dresses just perfect to be worn at the fashion show, so create as many outfits as you like and accessorise them with the jewelries, sunglasses, clutches and hats that you think most appropriate. Have fun!