Rosie Huntington

You are in the exclusive position to make up Rosie Huntington and let her shine! Use the make up tools and show your creativity to the top model. Rosie Huntington is an English model and actress, best known for her acting role from the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon. She is a celebrity and she needs a celebrity make up and you have the chance to show her what great make up skills you have by creating a fab make up for her. Whether she has a cat walk presentation, she is filming a new movie scene, she is going to a red carpet event or to an after party, you have to make her look amazing for either one of these occasions. Use the make up tool and colors available and create lots of make ups for the gorgeous top model, then find her nice outfits to match with her make ups and dazzling accessories to complete the transformation. Try all the make up tools and colors on her, she won't mind, as well as all the clothes and fashion items, and don't forget to style her hair in a trendy haircut. Create a stunning make up for Rosie Huntington and have a great time playing this celebrity make up game!