Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is getting ready for another adventure and she needs new outfits to wear. Change her traditional look and dress her in new costumes, new hair styles and new hair colors. You can choose from a two-piece costume or a dress, which you have to assort with gloves, shoes and variously shaped ribbons, even wings if you prefer, so that Sailor Moon can fly as well. Give her a different face shape or a different eye color, change the color of her hair, change her face expression and her skin color, you can do so many things in this dress up game to create a completely new Sailor Moon. Play with her clothes and accesories by combining them in lots of fantastic outfits for Sailor Moon to put on in her next mission to save the world from evil intended creatures. Choose a cute weapon to give her power to battle evil forces and also power to transform into a sophisticate Sailor Moon. Even if Sailor Moon has a very important mission, she wants to look fashionable and gorgeous every time, as she is a girly girl and girly girls like fashion, which means being fashionable and stylish is also very important for her. Have lots of fun dressing Sailor Moon in fantastic outfits!